Excel – Sort, Group & Filter

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can contain a great deal of information. With more rows and columns than previous versions, Excel 2007 gives you the ability to analyze and work with an enormous amount of data. To most effectively use this data, you may need to manipulate this data in different ways.

In this lesson, you will learn how to sort, group, and filter data in various ways that will enable you to most effectively and efficiently use spreadsheets to locate and analyze information.

Practice Worksheet

1. Open and download this practice worksheet:

GCF Sort Group Filter Sample Excel 2007 Worksheet_Inventory

GCF Sort Group Filter Sample Excel 2007 Worksheet Inventory with Duplicates


Click this link to open and print the class activity handouts:

Excel 2007 GCF – Sorting Grouping and Filtering Cells

Or, click this link: http://www.gcflearnfree.org/excel2007/10.1

Using the Sort Function

1. Begin by Sorting the data by Category, then sort by Unit Cost.

2. Now Custom Sort first by Category, then by Unit Cost.

Using the Group Function

1. Subtotal the Categories.

Using the Filter Function

1. Turn on Filtering.

2. Filter the Category column by Flavor.

3. Now filter the Item column using the Text Filter and Contains the word Vanilla.


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